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Klip’em delivers to our consumers the most unique offers on the web across a variety of the world’s leading household brands.

Through our strategic partnerships with the world’s largest consumer packaged goods companies, leading grocery chains, drug stores, and other mass merchandisers, we create and curate offers that can only be found on Klip’em.

How it works:

Visit: Check back frequently to see what new and unique offers we have.
Klip it (or Skip it): If you like a particular offer, select ‘KLIP’ and it will be placed in your cart. If you don’t need a certain offer, select ‘SKIP’ to see the next one.
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You can return to Klip’em any time to check for new deals or view the status of your offers. While our visitors are busy klipping and skipping, we are busy learning which offers are preferred, so over time, we can provide the coupons people are most interested in redeeming.